Analysis Of Love By George Herbert

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The poem of Love (III) by George Herbert, is a lyric poem that takes place with the persona who is entering heaven. The persona shifts feelings in the poem because it deals with a relationship between him and the Creator. It starts off first, as if the persona is unworthy, sinful, and dusty, and he should not enter heaven. Yet, Love tells the person that he should, and the way the word “love” is used is to describe God. The person mentions he cannot see Love (God) because he does not deserve to, and he should go to hell. But Love (God) poses a rhetorical question towards the person mentioning that Love has served the high price for the persona sins. This poem emphasizes the truth of the relationship between the Creator and the created, and the rhymes in the poem rings for the relationship presented in this situation. For “who made the eyes, but I” (Herbert, line 6) the word eye and I echo each other, and it implicates the relationship between looking and the eye. The eyes were made for looking and looking upon the Creator. Then another, word that also applies this rhyme is “marred” eyes, and this also means to look at love (God), but this is to look at the Creator with joy. Lastly, the persona accepts the invitation and consumes the experience that love has to offer him and ingests it with his body to connect to the body of Christ, and the love that God dwells on him. The situation of the poem has been freshly imagined because the writes uses this poem to
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