Analysis Of Love, Laughter, And Leukemia, By Tomasen

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People are afraid of change, we normally don’t know how to react towards it. Tomasen who wrote “Love, Laughter and Leukemia”, gave us their point of view of how to see the world in a positive way. Throughout this essay Tomasen talked about a lady, Emma being diagnosed with Leukemia, she didn’t know why God made her go through that phase but it was out of her hands. All she could do is embrace it and look for the good moments that have and had happened to her. When she found out she had Leukemia, she didn’t know what to do or how to take that news. Sometimes she didn’t have the energy to be motivated, she felt like she was too weak. She started to value each day, each moment because we never know up to when we will be alive. Her baby gave Emma the motivation to fight Leukemia. I choose this essay because, I feel that no one is mentally prepare of what can happen next. We just have to go with the flow. Take a risk as many say. Life isn’t always joyful, we experience good and bad times. We should always value life every minute. I believe that life is a roller coaster. It has highs and lows. Life is like a maze, you have to pass obstacles for the prize. The prize is your happiness. I believe the only way to be truly happy is by being able to accept your past and…show more content…
I choose that song because, the message was clear. Everyone has heard that song from the movie. It’s an inspiring song talking about life. Life involves since the day you were born until the day you die. As an individual, you make an impact in this world even if we don’t see it. I believe that with this song it captures the message that life matters even afterlife because you leave you trajectory. Life gets sometimes difficult but we should never stop trying to better ourselves. I believe that life isn’t easy as we want it to be. There has to be hard times to help shape us into the real person we were destine to be in
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