Analysis Of Love That Dog By Sharon Creech

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Love that dog, is an interesting novel that narrates the story of Jack’s introduction to poetry and the short life of his dog, Sky, using a thoughtful tone for each of Jack’s ideas or feelings, a boy’s friendship with his dog, and explaining the story with Jack’s point of view which has a childish voice; the author, Sharon Creech empathize with the reader’s feelings and thoughts making it an enjoyable story.
Jack’s thoughtful tone gives the reader a way to see a problem through the character’s own eyes such as when he is displeased that Ms. Stretchberry told him that he needed to explain his poem of the blue car, “You didn’t say before I had to tell why. The wheelbarrow guy didn’t tell why” (Creech 5). His confusion can relate to the reader’s first introduction to poetry as it could have been a frustrating experience to understand the rules of poetry. …show more content…

Also, understand the sadness of Jack’s loss, “I said ‘Sky! Sky! Sky!’ And then my dad was there and he lifted Sky out of the road and laid him on the grass and Sky closed his eyes” (Creech 71). Drawing on the loss of a significant person, the reader could sympathize with the boy’s relationship with the dog as it would make the reader experience the sadness of the boy’s

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