Analysis Of Lucille Fletcher's 'The Hitchhiker'

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Ghost stories, surprise twists, and the unknown are all elements that a lot of audiences enjoy. In Lucille Fletcher’s The hitchhiker a man is going on a trip; however, this is not an average road trip. Instead, Ronald Adams continues to see a mysterious man over and over again. Seeing this man is driving Adams to the edge of insanity. This insanity is created by Fletcher 's effective use of the elements of plot. She takes the reader from the exposition to the climax where insanity is almost for sure. Her plot elements work together to make an effective play. Fletcher is good at connecting the plot with the play, He also can show different levels of it. The exposition and rising action show a key part of the story because it shows what is happening…show more content…
The play went from normal to mysterious and suspenseful just when she writes a few words. She starts to switch the play over to the climax portion and when Adams stops to check his car out. “ Not much. If we did, It would be a sight for sore eyes” (1002). Adams becomes very confused at this point and that’s what helps build to the climax When the mechanic says that they do not get much if any hitchhikers around there. Adams then picks up a girl to help him stay focused and to have someone there with him. He begins to see the man and points it out to her. “I didn’t see anybody. There wasn’t nothing but a bunch of steers and the barbed wire fence” (1004). Adams becomes very confused at this point because he is seeing something that others cant. Fletcher does a great job of maintaining the elements of plot through the story, in this way he keeps on slightly making the play more and more suspenseful. At this point, the girl ran away from Adams because she thought he was crazy. He felt lonely so he called home. “It’s all taken place since the death of her son”(1011). Adams had no idea what she was talking about, he was right there thinking he was perfectly fine. This is when Fletcher switches from climax to falling action/resolution. He brought to the point where we were biting our nails and then in slight shock of what happened in the
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