Paradox Of The Mind: Movie Analysis

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Viewing the future as something mysterious and unknown is a part of human nature. But what makes us unique is that we are curious and thirsty for knowledge, even when we are uncertain about the consequences of this knowledge. This paradox makes us both fear and anticipate getting out of our comfort zone by broadening our knowledge, especially when it comes to technology. Although most of us are too busy with mundane activities to follow the advances of technology and the way they change the world around us, some people are ambitious enough present their ideas to the audience. As filming movies has always been a way to provoke imagination and challenge common beliefs, it is one of the easiest ways to change the way people see the future of…show more content…
It was discovered that the first ancestor of mankind liver 3.2 million years ago and was the first creature with both human and ape features. Researches were able to identify that it was a female and named it after the Beatles’ song "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds’’ as Lucy. This discovery laid the foundation for Luc Besson’s movie. He connected the scientists’ discovery to the ‘’ten percent of brain’’ myth. Stated in Dale Carnegie’s book ‘’’How to win friends and influence people’’, the myth implies that people use only ten percent of their brain capacity. Even though all sells in our brain are constantly active, the scale of their engagement is too small. Luc Besson uses this idea to prove that our mental skills can be improved and shows us the way it may happen. The main character of the movie is an ordinary 25 years old woman Lucy. After having been exposed to a high doze of some drug, she starts experiencing changes in her mental and physical abilities. As she didn’t want to have her brain changed, at first she is unaware of what has happened to her and what to expect of it. Not having any friends or supervisors by her side, Lucy has to test her new abilities on her own. Gradually she finds out that she can control others’ minds, see feel tiny particles, sense and feel substances without touching them, travel in time etc.. What is more, now she has a perfect memory: Lucy can recall all the events of her life in detail, learn…show more content…
Being a famous researcher in the field of artificial intelligence, Will has always wanted to transcend the environment. Not by chance did Wally Plister choose the word ’’Transcendence’’ as a title for his movie. According to the Kantian philosophy, transcendence means ’’being beyond the limits of all possible experience and knowledge’’. This definition is consistent with Will’s opinion on the path to the advanced civilization. He thought that letting go material needs and getting rid of physical disabilities would lead to human dominance over

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