Analysis Of Lucy Mulloy's Una Noche

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In Una Noche, three teenagers, Raúl, Elio, and Lila, prepare for and eventually make the 90 mile journey from Havana, Cuba to Miami, Florida. The two young men desire to leave Cuba to search for a better life while Lila, Elio 's sister and narrator of the film, joins at the last minute to prevent being separated from her twin. Lila is the pragmatic voice of reason among the three and is not completely sold on the perfect life that Raúl proclaims they will find in Miami. Elio is not quite as enthusiastic about the American dream as his friend and is primarily travelling with Raúl to Miami due to his suppressed romantic feelings for the other young man. Una Noche was directed by Lucy Mulloy, a first time director who decided to make the film after spending time in Havana. Mulloy gained support from famed director and producer Spike Lee, who is known for films that have an underlying political or cultural message. Mulloy follows in Lee 's footsteps and creates a film addressing several societal issues, such as immigration and sex tourism. A major theme of the film is the perception of the United States by the main characters, especially Raúl and Lila. Raúl 's perception of what life will be like for them in America is extremely skewed. This is highlighted by his decision to dress nicely for the intense 90 mile journey because he believes he will easily be able to find his absentee father right as he arrives in Miami. No details are revealed about Raúl 's father or when he
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