Analysis Of Macbeth: A Motive That Murders Sleep

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A Motive that Murders Sleep
Ambition can either be a good driver or a reckless one. In act one, scene seven Macbeth states, "I have no spur to prick the sides of my intent, but only vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself and falls on the other." Macbeth, is trying to rationalize his impending murder of King Duncan. Unfortunately, as Macbeth has just explained to himself, there's no real justification for the crime—Duncan is his relative, a good king, and, furthermore, a guest at his castle. All this argues against his intent of murder, which will appear unjustifiable to mortal and divine eyes alike. Therefore, Macbeth has no "spur" to prick on his intent, which is likened to a wild steed—no motivation to inspire the murder. Continuing
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In other words, Macbeth really doesn’t have a valid reason for killing Duncan, but his desire for power is good enough to motivate him. I relate the quote as having ambition being the #1 motive for a specific goal we have. On a personal level however, I take this quote when I refer to my desire to succeed. As for me, I believe the desire for ambition is my greatest motive for studying so hard and always trying to accomplish my best possible outcome in school. I have the same aspiration as the majority of society has which is desire of being wealthy. This drive of ambitioning wealth guides my everyday school choices. Due to this ambition my school performance is great. As a society however ambition drives us to commit good or bad choices. In todays society, most people ambition wealth and this often leads to braking the law. They find themselves placed in a difficult situation in which they let there ambition guide them, selling drugs is a common and easy way people try to achieve this wealth. On the other hand, this ambition also leads them in focusing in their studies like me. The ambition which drives the majority of our society in wealth can either be good or bad depending on the method we use to achieve it. In Macbeth, the decision was obviously bad, killing king Duncan became his greatest torment leading him to doom. It all depends on what kind of ambition we let ourselves be
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