Analysis Of Macbeth: The True Villain

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Some might believe that Macbeth is the true villain because he kills innocent people, but in actuality the only reason Macbeth killed those people is because of Lady Macbeth. By making Macbeth feel emasculated, Lady Macbeth was able to persuade him to kill innocent people so she could get what she wanted. After he decides to go along with his wife’s plan, Lady Macbeth tells him to keep his promise to kill King Duncan. She exclaims that if she had made a promise to him, she would keep it. Even if the promise is that she must pluck her “nipple from his boneless gums And dash'd the brains out” of her own baby(1.7.57-60). She would kill her own newborn child by throwing it against a hard surface in order to keep a promise. Lady Macbeth is

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