Analysis Of Machiavelli's The Prince

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For today’s reviewers, it is hard to understand the methods that Machiavelli put forward in order to design a more proper and stronger central government. Thus, resembling Galileo’s tragicomic fortune, Machiavelli’s ghost is also criticized as being inhuman, dictatorial and brutal. However, his purpose behind publishing ‘The Prince’, which was instigated after the circumstances of the 15th century in a divided Italy, was to show how to establish a strong and indestructible central state in a very realistic way. Niccolo Machiavelli, who can be described as a political scientist, was born in Florence in 1469, known as the period of Renaissance. Unlike other philosophers and scientists, he had a different approach to politics. He examines his science and politics in an experimental and analytical way. Although many say that the way he examines and analyses politics and governmental issues was too strict, dictatorial and rigid, it can still be used in today’s world. To give advice to the prince and show what the prince should do to achieve a strong state, Machiavelli wrote his most famous book ‘The Prince’. In ‘The Prince’, he defines how to establish a successful state, how to gain stability of power, and the characteristics that princes need to have. While explaining this, he mentioned ideas regarding strong military, moral issues and dictatorial power over people. It can be argued that Machiavelli was using pragmatic aspects while explaining his ideas about the society, the
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