Analysis Of Magit Sandemo

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In the history of literature, motif of femininity had always played a significant role, starting from old pagan tales, biblical parables, through medieval stories about princesses in castles, ending on modern literature. However, it always portrayed only a piece of womanhood – feminine figure was often a mother, patroness, a loyal company for man. As seen mainly in poetry, woman was a lover, an object of desire. All this schemes seen in previous literature was not a full representation of femininity, which was caused by lack of female writers. As we can read in Hélène Cixous 1976 work “The laugh of the Medusa” that woman must write herself: must write about woman and bring woman to writing. Therefore, a truly feminine creation should be from woman, about woman and for woman. Undeniably, the work of one of the most popular female writers of modern literature consummately fit in that statement.
Margit Sandemo (born on 23 April 1924 in Norway) is a writer of Norwegian-Swedish extraction. She is the one of the best-selling author in the Nordic Countries since her best known series “The Legend of the Ice People” was published in 1982. Having father who was a poet, and she surely inherited his aptitude for writing, although in her early years she never considered becoming a novelist, but she has always known that she want an art-related career. During her life she concentrated on other forms of creation, she tried acting, painting
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