Analysis Of Making Love To Concrete By Audre Lorde

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Love can often cause very hard feelings. This is true in Audre Lorde's poem "Making Love To Concrete." In this poem she expresses that if you cannot overcome some fears in Life you can't make love to a "concrete" She is so passionate about how she feels, she even says if you fear ever becoming diamonds or lard you cannot make love to concrete. Lorde's idea/theme that you have to overcome fear in order to love is best communicated through her use of repetition, simile, and sight.

The author's use of simile coveys the idea that you have to overcome fear in order to Love. Lorde describes fear as the action "a beige Honda leaps the divider" and "like a steel gazelle inescapable" A car leaping over something can cause a lot of fear but is being compared to something fearless like a gazelle. These descriptions given to fear show how careless and harmful love can be to a human being. She further compares fear to a gazelle. By the "Honda leaping" so she can overcome that fear. Through the examples of simile, the audience/reader is able to understand Lorde's view that Love and Fear can be extreme, But she wants to overcome that.
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Lorde describes that "concrete needs your love" in several occasions in this poem. Love is constantly brought up to emphasize that if you fear you cannot love the concrete. Lorde believe's "you cannot make love to a concrete" when you have no fear. Through the examples of repetition, the reader is able to understand Lorde's view that love is complicated. But she wants it to seem
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