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Malala; The Worlds Youngest Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Malala Yousafzai is a Nobel Prize winning teenager from Pakistan. She has, since she was a little girl, been fighting for young girls’ right to get an education in Pakistan, where there is a Taliban regime.

The adjectives and adverbs used in the text make us sympathize with the young girl. When describing the Taliban’s actions the author use adjectives as “Cowardly”, “Brutal” and “Tyranny”, all of which are strong, harsh words that seems to be carefully thought out. When describing Malala on the other hand, words like “miraculous”, “intelligent” and “courageous” are used.

The careful choice of words shows us that Malala is the complete opposite of the Taliban. By using words that are practically antonyms; the author shows us that The Taliban and Malala are opposites. For example he or she writes: “The cowardly and despicable assassination […]”about the Taliban and “[...]Courageous young girl” about Malala. Here you see the difference in wording when referring to actions by different people, and how the use of antonyms can make you think about difficult important issues while showing you clearly which side is “the good one”.

The text focuses on the courageous acts of a young Pakistani girl. An important part of the text is to spread the message Malala herself
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She heard the officer pick it up and heard his voice become less and less hopeful. It sounded like somebody had died. He walked away from the truck, giving Pepe the green light to go. He hopped in the car and drove as fast as he dared. After ten minutes, everyone dared to breath again. Lucía felt almost as bad for the officer as she felt relieved for herself. The mother of the children started singing, and they all sang until they were let off. She was happy and smiling, but in the back of her head she knew that it was only a matter of time before they had to do this all over

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