Analysis Of Man Jeete Jag Jeet In Heart Of Darkness

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“Man Jeete Jag Jeet” in Japji Sahib by Guru Nanak is a world famous teaching of controlling over the desires of mind lest one gets corrupted by them. It means, one can win the world but one cannot easily win over the mind/ desires. Therefore, a man who has controlled his mind is greater than the one who has conquered the world. The characters – Marlow and Kurtz – in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness display such contrast. The present study is aimed at understanding the symbolic darkness in the novella in the light of above given line by Guru Nanak.

Keywords: Heart of Darkness, Darkness in Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad, Darkness of Mind in Heart of Darkness

The desire to win over others has always remained very intense in human beings from the beginning of the world. The different ages on the earth correspond to the victories of the dominant over the weak. For the satisfaction of ego, man makes a futile effort to fulfill his desire by ruling over the other, be it Alexander or Aurangzeb or a common man. In order to rule or dominate, one has to fight his opponent and win. Without winning, one cannot be called a king or emperor. Nonetheless, after winning the world, the greed and lust of mind never ends. The desire to get more and more defeats him badly. A man who gets defeated by his mind fills with remorse and regrets when death approaches. Therefore, Guru Nanak in Pauri 28 of Japji Sahib preaches Munda santokh saram pat jholee dhiaan kee karai bibhoot
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