Analysis Of Maniac Magee By Jerry Spinelli

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In Maniac Magee, the book, by Jerry Spinelli, Earl Grayson is revealed through the lens of great writing, to be a magnanimous old man. Jerry Spinelli first exposes Grayson to be a magnanimous elderly man on page 45, where Earl is kind hearted enough to get young boy maniac some drinks and a zep. This demonstrates Grayson being magnanimous because he is willing enough to spend his own money, on his own time, to buy a good meal for a total stranger. The author second revealed Grayson to be magnanimous on page 49, whereas Grayson and the young boy, Maniac, were finishing the krimpets just as they got to the Bandshell. Although, as Grayson went inside, dinner was mentioned, so Maniac all the sudden became serious and said, “Where to?” and just

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