Analysis Of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaids Tale

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Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, talks about the dystopian system, which is called Gilead Republic, that takes over the United States of America after a terroristic attack on the state. The Gilead Republic is a theocratic state made by a group of religious extremisms, who were calling themselves “the sons of Jacob”. They thought that America should become a better place, and be saved from all the sins that were happening during that time. The laws of this system are all based around Biblical philosophies. The reason they chose that name was because United states was going through an infertility crisis, and we know from the bible that Jacobs wife Rachel, was an infertile woman, so she let her husband Jacob have sex with another woman called Leah, to give her children. And that originated the idea of the handmaids. However, this novel, talks about how women have resisted Gilead 's horrible laws, that has divided them into classes, took their freedom, and how they made men dominant over them. regardless of the compressive essence of Gilead, many characters still managed to resist Gilead’s harsh laws, but not all of them could success. The handmaids, were a group of women that were kept in the system only for reproductive purposes. some of the Handmaids were somehow committed in some kind of withstand against the system. Offred, who was a Handmaid, has resisted in number of ways. She stole butter, continuously thought about her past life and used her body and

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