Analysis Of Margaret Thatcher's Eulogy To Ronald Reagan

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In her eulogy to Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain, presents Reagan as a hardworking, agreeable, and funny man. She describes him as a common man who worked just as hard, or harder, than anyone. The purpose of her eulogy is to mention the great deeds of Reagan as well as describe his personal characteristics and show why these characteristics made him such a legendary president. One of the main ways Thatcher exposes the characteristics of Reagan is with parallelisms and repetition that put hard emphasis on her other points. She uses parallelisms in the 4th, 5th, and 6th paragraphs. She starts by saying others prophesied the decline of the West. He inspired America. She then says others saw limits, he transformed the economy. Using this…show more content…
Her tone was changed from describing Reagan's job as hard. To saying that his task would take a Herculean effort to complete. Her use of very descriptive language changes the tone to show how much respect she had for Reagan and his ideals. Lastly, Thatcher uses several powerful Biblical allusions as well as personification. In line 26, she quotes Reagan saying, "Whatever time I've got left is up to the big fella upstairs". This is a reference to God based on the Bible. This presents Reagan as a man who was biblical and led a providential life. Thatcher also uses personification to make Reagan's characteristics. She says, "When the world threw problems at the White House, he was not baffled". This shows that even the entire world hurling issues at Reagan would not faze him. He would calmly examine them and find the right solution. Thatcher's use of allusions and personification brings more description of Reagan's great character into her speech. Thatcher dedicates her speech to Reagan and paints him as a great man and one to be remembered throughout all time in her eulogy. She shows Reagan as an American THrough and through, driven to help improve lives with her
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