Analysis Of Maria Chapdelaine

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Maria Chapdelaine utilizes nostalgia in exploring the lives of Franco-Canadians during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Many felt compelled to leave their rural roots and immigrate to urban areas the United States in order to find work, build a better life, or simply search for adventure. Chapdelaine describes this historic dilemma in terms of the fictional character, Maria. Additionally, the story demonstrates the sense of pride that Québécois take in their identity. Maria stays in Québec because she feels that it is where she belongs. It is the land of her ancestors and wants to pass down her way of life to her future children. Today, one can see the pride that the Québécois take in their rich history and culture. The establishment of a bilingual province bearing the motto, “Je me souviens,” recognizes that the citizens of Québec take pride in their lineage and will not forget the past that has shaped their present. Adrien Hébert was an artist from Québec that is remembered for painting scenes of Montréal during the early 20th century. His visual representations of French-Canadian life permit one to take a stroll back in time to nostalgically remember the history and culture of the region. Employing the style of realism, Hébert painted the daily experiences of the common man. Predecessors painted royalty, but his art served as a platform for displaying reality, including the difficulty of manual labor, pollution caused by the Industrial Revolution, and
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