Analysis Of Maria Conception

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Maria Conception tells about a young woman who comes from a background that appreciates family and religion. Maria works hard for the things that she wants and is well liked by her community. She made her family the center of attention. Thought the story, Maria demonstrates various positive qualities and as an outcome she is well liked by almost everyone.

Maria is a well-liked, hardworking, and dedicated woman who cares a lot about her family and her community. One demonstration of Maria being liked is when the text says “she had a good reputation with her neighbors and was energetic.” Another demonstration, of Maria being liked is when the text refers to her as a good Christian woman. These areas in the text specifically discuss how Maria’s neighbors and the community feel about her. If Maria has a good reputation, then she must be well liked by her community .Maria is seen by the community as a good person.

The text refers to Maria being a hard worker in the beginning and in multiple other areas. In The beginning, the text talks about the conditions that Maria has to walk through. She makes sure that she is walking in the middle of a road where there are “thrones and treacherous curves.” Maria is working so hard to take food to her husband and his boss that she does not even stop to remove prickly cactus needles from her
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Maria worked various jobs to make money so that she could pay for the things that she needed and wanted. Maria, used her own money to purchase the marital permit. She was well liked by the community. Maria cared deeply for husband, as she put herself in harm’s way just to take him lunch. Maria was a young woman coming into her own identity, and did not let her surroundings change her outlook. The setting of the story further details the struggles that Maria endured just so she could provide for her
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