Critical Analysis Of Fefu And Her Friends By Maria Irenes Fornes

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“Fefu and her friends” is a strange yet an encompassing playwright written by Maria Irenes Fornes who sets this play during spring 1935 in New England when feminism wasn’t coming into existence and the lives of women were much more restricted in comparison to our modern day world. The audience observes the lives of eight different women who engage with each other in one environment to rehearse for a theatre education project for charity. Fornes purposely sets the setting of the play at Fefu’s house in order to stress upon the point she wanted to make; women can get along under one roof even if they are restricted to the inside world. She also does this in order to highlight the character and personality of Fefu; her manly approach to the world around her. Many readers conclude that this play is written to highlight the eight distinct personalities and characters Fornes establishes, however, it is not about that. It is about how these eight women come to compromise with their own identities along with coming to terms of negotiation in a patriarchal society in this historical play, which is separated from our modern times. Fornes touches upon the matters of marriage, relationships, love and sexuality and most importantly the sisterhood of women. She stresses upon these topics as being important to women in general rather than on…show more content…
Fefu, in shooting her husband 's now loaded gun with real slugs rather than blanks, creating the environment in which Julia dies (although confusingly the gun is not shot at Julia). This illusory death spawns a drastic change for Julia from life to death and the much needed discharge from her insanity. For Fefu, perhaps a redeeming act that has freed Julia and herself from the “judges”. Fefu and her friends is a witty play which helps the readers open their eyes to the reality women face. This play perfectly covers all aspects of issues women face till present
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