Analysis Of Marianne Bier's In A Better World

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Bier’s works are probably equally, if not more, influenced by her family background. Born to Jewish parents in 1960, Bier feels that her cultural backgrounds lends her strength, especially her family values, which is often reflected in her films’ characters. In her first film Freud Leaving Home, the manuscript was by Marianne Goldman, who was Jewish-Swedish, and narrates a Jewish family facing and trying to deal with love, sickness and death, and also sets the table for discourse regarding what it means to be Jewish and the associated cultural stereotypes in the eyes of both the non-Jewish and the Jewish themselves. Bier has a very strong opinion of the Jewish culture herself, and is interested in using the film medium to explore the Jewish reality. Since the Jewish make up only one dimension of the modern Danish community, Bier’s opinions and values towards culture and family would differ from the rest of the community, and this drives her to have the desire to share these through her films. Looking deeper into In A Better World, the film serves to examine the different relationships present in the narrative, such as Christian’s relationship with his father, the friendship between Christian and Elias, the relationship between Elias and his parents - beyond this we can observe how these relationships impact the lives of each character and influences their decisions. Whether or not a relationship is sincere and true, and more importantly whether it is felt to be sincere and

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