Analysis Of Mark Twain's Corn Pone Opinions

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A man has come to die. He is led from his measly, cramped cell out into the open air, where he shall take his final breath before being executed. With his final breath, he utters the words, “Jesus forgive them”. This is a common end to the life of a martyr. In Mark Twain’s Corn-Pone Opinions, Twain argues that a man’s opinion can not differ from that of his meal ticket. In other words, a man will not have a different opinion from others that will lead to his death (Twain). He argues, based on the opinion that man will not differ from his meal ticket, that, “ If he [man] would prosper, he must train with the majority”(Twain Corn-Pone Opinions). Some will agree with Twain, stating that anyone who disagrees with the opinion of society to the
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