Analysis Of Marriage By Gregory Corso

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It is evident that marriage is full of ups and downs, but the way couples manage these fluctuations in their relationship determines the strength of their connection. Both partners in a committed relationship must feel the same way and work equally as hard to push through potential obstacles. Being devoted to the relationship can ensure that the marriage will be able to survive the hardships and maintain a healthy, successful marriage. The emotional hardships and positives that a married couple endures on a daily basis are presented throughout the entirety of the poem, “Marriage”, by Gregory Corso. Corso’s poem explores the pressures and factors that influence marriage and sheds light on Updike’s short story about a couple facing divorce. In particular, Corso’s structure, examples that encourage tone, and theme can help us understand Updike’s story in a clearer way. Corso organizes his thoughts in a similar way throughout the entirety of the poem. While the author clearly depicts the features of a marriage, acknowledging both the positive and negative aspects, he does not fail to include how these features contribute to the experience of a committed relationship. The author uses a set topic to establish structure in his poem, but then follows up his statement with a counter-argument that presents the opposite point of view. For example, Corso begins his stanza by reflecting, “Grocery store Blue Cross Gas & Electric Knights of Columbus / Impossible to lie back and dream
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