Essay On Malcolm X

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“Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American poet. In our society, many consider violence as mostly inappropriate and childish. The reason being is as humans we should be capable of discussing and compromising when an obstacle is present, however many argue that that is not an option in certain situations. We can look back at 1950s-1960s, where racism loomed over in the south aimed at mostly at American Americans. Boycotts and lynchings were a popular occurrence from town to town which both the state and federal government showed minimal efforts to prevent. The gravity of the issue expanded nonstop for years. There were many figures who tried to combat segregation,…show more content…
Many people presume that Malcolm hated and threatened Caucasian Americans constantly when advocating every African American should go out and arm themselves, form militias of their own. In an interview, however he defines himself stating "No, I said this: That in areas of this country where the government has proven its--either its inability or its unwillingness to protect the lives and property of our people, then it’s only fair to expect us to do whatever is necessary to protect ourselves". He later goes on and says he respects government and laws as well as " I’m not advocating the breaking of any laws. But I say that our people will never be respected as human beings until we react as other normal, intelligent human beings do. And this country came into existence by people who were tired of tyranny and oppression and exploitation and the brutality that was being inflicted upon them by powers higher than they, and I think that it is only fair to expect us, sooner or later, to do likewise." He explains his frustration and reasoning to oppose king 's views. Malcolm also explains his own view of how non-violent protest does nothing. If someone tries to hurt you, you have every right to protect yourself and fight for what you are entitled to have when the law falls
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