Analysis Of Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, And Malcolm X

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“Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American poet. In our society, many consider violence as mostly inappropriate and childish. The reason being is as humans we should be capable of discussing and compromising when an obstacle is present, however many argue that that is not an option in certain situations. We can look back at 1950s-1960s, where racism loomed over in the south aimed at mostly at American Americans. Boycotts and lynchings were a popular occurrence from town to town which both the state and federal government showed minimal efforts to prevent. The gravity of the issue expanded nonstop for years. There were many figures who tried to combat segregation, popular names are Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X. The division of the race occurred however due to was contrasting views on how to counter segregation. The African American population, half believed that non-violence was the key while the other half opposed that mentality and believed violence would be the only solution. Unfortunately, at times peaceful discusses cannot resolve problems especially when it involves battling racist laws and attitudes. Martin Luther King 's was a prominent leader in the civil rights movement whose legacy and belief surrounded nonviolence. King was also a well-spoken man who went to extreme lengths for the equality of African Americans. One result of his protesting, however, was
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