Analysis Of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Beyond Vietnam: A Time To Break The Silence

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How can there be so much hate between humans with different skin color? This is the question Martin Luther King Jr. asked so many times during the war of Vietnam, hate between Americans and Africans, hate between Vietnamese and American, why did there have to be so much hate when there could be peace? In his speech "Beyond Vietnam- A Time to Break the Silence" King brings this serious issue to the attention of the people. With three key examples he must make his speech cogent in order to impact the crowd of listeners. In his first example he explained how the poor citizens of America (black or white) benefit least from the war of Vietnam. With their bank accounts already shallow, they will not see a paycheck from the government that month because…show more content…
As he talked to many of the young negro men, he could hear the pain and hatred in the things they said. King told them violence was not a panacea, but they asked him "if fighting doesn't help, then why is our nation still at war?" This discouraged Martin, how can he correct the people from doing wrong when the government itself isn't doing whats right. If the leader of a group lives immorally and always does wrong, the his follower will "follow" in his steps and also do wrong. That is what Martin Luther King Jr. is trying to change with his speech, ending the war would end so many other problems, as he listed throughout his compelling words. If the government ended the war, there is a a possibility that so many more things would change for the good, the government could focus on the poor instead and get kids off the streets, they would see that violence is not the answer to all their problems and maybe they could come to peace. King said in his speech "it should be incandescently clear that no one who has any concern for the integrity and life of America today can ignore the present war". If you fix the problems outside the box, then all the problems on the inside will
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