Analysis Of Martin Luther King's A Time To Break Silence

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still prevailed and that blacks were still excluded from everything and had many disadvantages by not being white. On April 12th, Martin Luther King got arrested because of his “confrontations” and from there, he wrote the famous “Letter from Birmingham Jail”(also known as “The Negro is Your Brother”. This letter was directed to a white group of clerics that mocked his strategies of not being violent when fighting for equality. The letter makes it clear that it is critical for people to actually take a stand, instead of standing in a court contrary to what the clergymen believe. And with people mentioning him to as an “outsider”, he responded. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. The letter also discusses about the maltreatment…show more content…
It just expresses how much King is against war in general, just like how “Letter from Birmingham Jail” expressed how people were discriminated because of their race. Rather than it being just about how war is bad, it was also directed for certain people, including Lyndon Johnson because of being so violent and being so commanding with his people. The speech clarifies how bad war is for the poor and how useless it is to send blacks to fight in Vietnam where back where they’re from, they don’t even have the necessities to survive. He said, “In 1957 when a group of us formed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, we chose as our motto: 'To save the soul of America.’” This shows that his opposition to the war is affirmative and that his decision is not going to change any time soon. Something that changed, on the other hand, is the numbers of supporters he had. Even a newspaper that’s famous within the black community in the country, The Pittsburgh Courrier, blamed King for being “tragically misleading” with the black Americans. Everyone disagreed with his idea, objecting that there is no link between the civil rights and war. King said that instead of shooting our enemies, it should be necessary for us to love and respect them. Even so, money is being spent effortlessly on the war, instead of helping the lower class which it was a promise the government didn’t keep. In the speech, he made sure to make that remark by saying, “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.” This was a declaration that should move people into believing that war isn’t an option in the country and by creating this illusion of people getting sent to fight with others in Vietnam for more money won’t help the country at
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