Analysis Of Martin Luther King's Speech And I Have A Dream Speech

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Linguistic analysis of Martin Luther King 's 'I Have a Dream ' speech, and Abraham Lincoln 's 'Gettysburg Address ' I have chosen to investigate the use of linguistic devices and how they are used to persuade the audience. I will study a spoken form of language, as I think the spoken mode illustrates emotion better than a written mode. The speech I have chosen to study was spoken by Martin Luther King in 1963, and has been given the popular name of 'I Have a Dream '. I will also look at the Gettysburg address, spoken by Abraham Lincoln in 1863, as this links in closely with Martin Luther King 's ideals, and is referred to in his speech. Martin Luther Kings 'I Have A Dream ' speech is a very moving and interesting speech as it symbolises Freedom…show more content…
It is rousing, motivational and filled with emotion. The aim of my investigation is to see how Martin Luther King uses language to create a speech of this nature that will persuade the audience to support the Civil Rights movement in America. It has become almost an defining moment for the cause. Alongside King 's speech, I have also chosen study the similarities between King 's speech and Abraham Lincoln 's 'Gettysburg Address ', as Martin Luther Kings refers to this in his speech, and are related as both aim to promote peace and equality. As this is much shorter speech, I will be looking at it in less depth. I have chosen to look at King 's speech because it is an example of how the power of speech can instigate such powerful emotions and cause monumental changes. I am interested in how this was achieved using linguistic features in this speech. The Gettysburg Address is also a very important speech, and the speaker, Lincoln, is admired by many. I will keep an open mind while studying these speeches, and won 't be biased about either of the
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