Analysis Of Martin Luther King's Beyond Vietnam-A Time To Break Silence

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All honorable speakers have their own ways to induce the audience by blowing

in hope. Hope was the strip of everything whereby African Americans held onto

in harsh conditions. Martin Luther King was the crackerjack that conveyed hope

to people that a new world could come. One of the most memorable speeches is

“Beyond Vietnam- A Time to Break Silence.” Since he was one of the most

influential and powerful speakers, his speech moved a lot of people’s minds and

historically, became the most famous speech in American history. Throughout

his assertions, there are some key points that made his speech authoritative. His

choice of words, appealers to emotion, personal experience, similes, and

metaphors had been the supporters of his speech.

“Beyond Vietnam- A
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He believed that chance could occur through non-

violation, and so affirmed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s motto:

“To save the soul of America”. This affirmation gave clear evidence that many

other people were putting effort to make changes. On top of that, Martin Luther

King also represents the importance of non-violence by giving his personal

experience. His claim of understanding the others’ feelings was inspiring, and

therefore gave a strong impact to the audience.

“For the sake of those boys, for the sake of this government, for the sake of the

hundreds of thousands trembling under our violence.” This indicates the

increasing importance of the boys, government, and many other people who are

in fear. It shows how the war had exponentially affected America, and arouses

consciousness to the audience. Lastly, he ends his speech by convincing the

audience that the government should not progress the war with a metaphor. “So

it is that hose of us who are yet determined that America will be-are- are led down

the path of protest and dissent, working for the health of our land.”

To sum up, Martin Luther King presents his claim in a persuasive tone
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