Analysis Of Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas And Wolf Of Wall Street

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Martin Scorses, a name most people are familiar with and is associated with pristine, violent and overall legendary work. While Scorsese’s name may be known, how much is really know about him? What makes his films so amazing and memorable? What makes him one of the greats? Scorsese uses a myriad of techniques, angles and actors to achieve his goals but a simple answer doesn’t justify the man behind one of the most memorable and quotable quotes of all time, “You talkin’ to me?” ~ Robert dinero taxi driver. Born on November 17, 1942 out of flushing New York, raised in Little Italy by Italian American parents. Scorsese was birthed in the city of dreams, but its tough to have dreams when you are faced with road blocks. During his early…show more content…
Torn opinions of this drug and alcohol induced, money craving extravaganza are nothing less than common; most questioning the morality and purpose while others put it up as a possible great by the man him self…show more content…
Further progressing we are plunged into the early life of Jordan Belfort fresh out of college ready to tackle the World. From Jordan’s beginning as a penny stock trader to starting his brain child Stratton Oakmont. Growing his firm from seven very unqualified sleazy salesman to his empire of lies where he sells penny stocks with 50% as high quality stocks such as Disney and Microsoft to make a quick 49 million a year. Masquerading his malicious intent with a beautiful cover over Stratton Oakmont to his down fall by the FBI, loosing his family and all his beloved money yet still showing no sign of remorse for what he did, only remorse for getting caught. Through the movie Scorsese uses his classic tells that display he created this. Continues and almost over drawn shots like Jordan’s drug consumption scene and Jordan’s ever reoccurring pauses with the movie stopping time to break the fourth wall explains that money makes you a better person or how he got his Money resonate in the heads of all who

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