Analysis Of Mary Wollstonecraft's A Vindication Of Rights Of Woman

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Women 's rights have always been something to fight towards, and Mary Wollstonecraft helps us do that with her publication A Vindication of Rights of Woman. She heavily endorsed the education of women AND men. She wanted to change the traditional perspective on women as being a victim or needing help. Furthermore, she thought, without equality, it that much easier for men to control women. Education leads to civil and political rights, which further equal the rights men have in comparison to women. If women aren 't educated, they won 't get respectable jobs, and would hold jobs that are seen as "traditional" and a "women 's job," like cleaning. A present-today advocate for women 's education is Malala Yousufzai. She got shot in the head by the Taliban because she advocated for women 's rights to education. It 's both refreshing to know that we have strong female advocates that are fighting for the rights of millions of women, but also disturbing that we are still fighting for those same rights over 200 years apart. Another important thing to note is the perspective of the advocate. Malala is from Pakistan and knows a different limitation to her rights as a woman than Wollstonecraft experienced. Women 's oppression is oppression, but when it comes to fighting for rights, I think perspective is huge. A woman who is fighting for her rights in America is not on the same scale as a girl from Pakistan. Progress in each country is going to look different because we are at different
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