Analysis Of Masculine By Nayyirah Waahheed

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African American women have registered the pain and sufferings of African settlers in America, the way in which the Africans are ill-treated and the role of women in the tradition bound African life style. The doors are closed for the Africans especially women in the American society where they wait for a chance to be recognized. African women writers speak not only their position in the American society which is dominated by the white people but also their role in their family and society with the hope of better life styles for their comrades. Nayyirah Waheed poetic contribution includes two volumes including Salt., and Nejma. This paper aspires at evaluating not only the skill of the pen of Nayyirah Waheed but as well as the hidden spirit inside every individual which is exceptionally brought to forum through her verses. Nayyirah Waheed’s collection of poems entitled Salt projects how man wrongly projects their personality in front of others. In “Masculine” she says “there have been so many times// I have seen a man wanting to weep”. But they try to hide their feelings. They just try to make a pose that they are strong minded and cannot easily be moved by humaneness. Instead of being real “they beat their heart until it was unconscious”. Their habitual pretentions make them to swing between reality and imagination and hence they gradually lose their personality. Nayyirah Waheed’s poems exhibit man’s split personality since childhood. Her poem “From” which speaks

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