Analysis Of Meghan Daum's 'Variation Of Grief'

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Your Silver Spoon Will Be the Death of You
Meghan Daum’s Variation of Grief exemplifies how different people take advantage of their different lifestyles. Daum’s view of her friend, Brian Peterson, suggests that his privilege and lack of importance for time hindered him from maturing. His family was not large, according to Daum,”The Peterson family unit was a tiny thing—mom, dad, kid. There were no other siblings, only a handful of relatives.” Brian’s parents gave him everything he wanted. One may believe that he needed attention from his parents other than, going to upscale restaurants and the luxurious cars. The outlook would be that Brian’s life was indeed fascinating. However, life did not last long for Brian. Dead at the age twenty-two, Brian, did not accomplish much. He only lived for the moment, but did not cherish them. However, “Living life to the fullest”, can be perceived differently depending on the person. He never had to work for anything and he did not have to stay in college. Brian did not have the desire to do much. What purpose did Brian have in life? It seemed as if he was just here. Brian left the world nothing to remember him by but the Lucky Strikes and a few magazines left on his counter. In Daum’s essay Variation of Grief she states, “His death at twenty-two been
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In Meghan Daum’s Variation on Grief she states , “He was an only child, spoiled by his parents who had no friends and furnished him with an expensive car and expensive clothes that he drove and wore to no particular place.” Less fortunate than he, Daum worked every day and took advantage of her college experience. It’s possible that Brian’s lack of time and ignorance caused his death. In Daum’s essay simplifies Brian Peterson by stating that, “He was immune to maturity, resistant to forward motion.” Blamed for his death by Daum, his parents knew nothing about
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