Analysis Of Melba Patillo Beals 'Warriors Don' T Cry

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Have you ever faced life-changing experiences that hugely impacted you, your family, and your country? This same event happened in the selections, Warriors Don’t Cry, by Melba Patillo Beals, I Never Had It Made, by Jackie Robinson, and “The Father of Chinese Aviation,” by Rebecca Maskel, which highlights Feng Ru. Melba Patillo Beals, Jackie Robinson, and Feng Ru all experienced life-changing events that led them in changing themselves and their countries.
Melba Patillo Beals helped integrate Central High School and was one of the first African Americans to attend school. While Beals marched into the Central High School, she had to face the white mob of people who were being racist around her. She also had to take a great risk while entering
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While Feng designed his airplanes, he had to translate all the English into Chinese so that he could understand the steps in building airplanes. In paragraph five, it states, “Feng turned his attention to aviation, laboriously translating into Chinese anything he could find on the Wrights, Glen Curtiss, and later, French aircraft designer Henri Farman.” This quote shows that Feng Ru was a determined person, because he did not argue while he was translating all the information he could find about aviation into Chinese. These challenges did not only affect Feng Ru negatively, but also positively. For example, Feng Ru faced many hard challenges while trying to achieve his goal, but these challenges caused Feng to grow and develop by making him aware of the danger around him. In paragraph seven the text states, “During one test flight, Feng lost control of his airplane (not an unusual occurrence), which plunged into his workshop, setting it ablaze.” This quote explains that Feng had to relocate his workshop, since he accidentally burned his workshop down during his test flight. Despite the challenges Feng Ru faced, he still remained a positive and a courageous person. According to paragraph two, it states, “A bolt holding the propeller to the shaft snapped, sending Feng tumbling to earth, bruised but otherwise unharmed.” This quote supports that Feng was not frightened by his first test flight, but was positive because he tried to fly airplanes over and over again, instead of giving up. Therefore, Feng Ru was the first Chinese Aviation Pioneer that brought aviation to
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