Analysis Of Melinda Sordino's Point Of Speak

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Melinda Sordino begins her freshman year with an unrevealed secret. She’s hated by all students because when the summer was coming to an end, she went to a party and called the police. She has to go through judgments and physical bullying ever since. Till she finally tells the world what happened that night and everything changes. The book’s point of view is 1st person narrator. Everything that happens in the book is everything that Melinda experiences. It’s almost as if it was her diary. This point of view is very effective for this novel because it’s all about Melinda’s life and struggles. Nobody else could have explained better all the pain she went through. In this book there is a lot of characters and character traits that…show more content…
A secret that should have been revealed the moment it happened. It was slowly killing her in the inside and she wanted to tell someone but she was too afraid to. The challenge of this novel was for Melinda to keep being reminded by the thoughts and flashbacks of that day. She was traumatized and unable to tell anyone what happened. She eventually falls into a dark depression by barely speaking and the only way she copes is by biting her nails and lips. The main turning point of Speak (climax) is when Melinda decides to speak up. She realized that if she doesn’t speak up fast about what happened that night there could end up more victims. She knew the moment she saw Rachel and Andy Evans together it was the time for the truth to be revealed. All Melinda’s fears end after Andy Evans tries to sexually abuse her the second time. He comes after her when Melinda told Rachel about him raping her, which makes their relationship come to an end. He was angry and tried to abuse her the second time but Melinda knew to defend herself and not let it happen again. She took a triangle of glass and pushed it hard enough to raise one drop of blood. After that there was people knocking on the door, she opened and someone went to look for help. Melinda knew after that day she was no longer going to stay quiet. The last day of school she opens up to Mr.Freeman, her art

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