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Frank Shephard is a Hit! Merrily We Roll Along was a really great musical. This musical was presented by the Porchlight Musical Theatre Company at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts. Merrily We Roll Along is based on the original play by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart. The music and lyrics of this musical are by Stephen Sondheim. Its book was written by George Furth. This production was directed by Michael Weber with the musical direction of Aaron Benham. Though this production did not have a choreographer, the associate direction and musical staging was done by Christopher Pazdernik. This musical is centered around the life of Frank Shephard and how he came to be a famous movie producer. The story takes place in present day Los Angeles,…show more content…
This song was also sung by Charley, Frank, and Mary. Even though this was the last song in the musical overall, this is where the story really began. “Our Time” is sung when Charley and Frank met Mary for the first time and they were all looking into the future that they could all be bounded together in a strong friendship and that Charley and Frank would create very successful musicals. The important lyrics from this song are, “Years from now, we’ll remember and we’ll come back, buy the rooftop and hang a plaque: ‘This is where we began being what we can’” (Sondheim). These lyrics are important because it showed how ambitious the three of them were, as well as it being irony because the audience already knows what happens to the three of them in the future. The audience feels the emotions in this song because it is sad that only Frank is the one really living out the dream he has had since the beginning of his story and the friendship between the three of them struggled and hardly lasted when Frank became a rising…show more content…
In the number “Opening Doors”, Mary and Charley were behind their own desks and Frank was behind a piano. The desks and the piano had wheels on them and as the three of them were singing the song, they were moving the furniture artistically and in time with the music. This movement of the furniture was to emphasize the lyrics and that the story is passing through a long period of time. It also showed the audience that Charley, Mary, and Frank were in different locations at the same time; Mary was in multiple ‘writing offices’ because she had gotten many jobs, while Charley and Frank were working on writing their

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