Analysis Of Meursault In Albert Camus's The Stranger

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Meursault, the protagonist and narrator in The Stranger, is a dispassionate person who shows no emotional attachment to events and couldn 't care less about consequences of any event. Meursault is an outsider to his peers due to his unusual reactions to various events like death, marriage, and trial. People try to see deeper in Meursault, however his actions clearly shows what he values. In Albert Camus’, The Stranger, Meursault’s lack of emotions towards his mother reveals that Meursault views life as meaningless, regardless of whether times are sad, happy, or violent. A man’s relationship with his mother tells all about what kind of person he may be. The first sentence of the novel states “Maman died today. Or yesterday maybe, I don’t know”(3). Meursault is apathetic and does not know the day that his mother died, and does not bother to find out. It is automatically obvious that Meursault is alienated from his mother and does not have a connection with her. After Meursault arrives at the home, where Maman was, the caretaker informs Meursault that his mother is already placed in the coffin, but would allow him to see his mother. Surprisingly, Meursault refuses to see his mother, and this creates a tense and awkward mood. As Meursault and the caretaker talk, they begin to smoke and drink coffee in front of the coffin as he watches the people who care most about his mother cry for her death. Later, he falls asleep peacefully without dropping any tears for his dead mother.

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