Analysis Of Michelangelo's The Last Judgement

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Michelangelo was an extraordinary artist who contributed enormous physical and educational pieces of art to the world. Arguably one of the most spectacular pieces of art in human history was his vaulting painting, The Last Judgement, available for viewing in the Sistine Chapel. The overall process of producing this painting and Michelangelo 's personal beliefs and life were all incredibly influential throughout these 20 months. The process for how Michelangelo was contracted for The Last Judgement and the ways in which he completed the work were a bit unusual. He was hired as a means to discredit his name with the Pope as requested by Bramante. This plan quickly turned out to be a mistake by Bramante because Michelangelo was able to explore his talents and craft beautiful work. He had various setbacks such as when Bramante constructed scaffolding for Michelangelo to climb around on out of ropes that were pierced into the ceiling. This caused for Michelangelo to fire Bramante from that construction, having to hire a poor man to construct scaffolding that did not touch any walls, and then have Michelangelo climb around those and complete his masterpiece. In order to complete his work, Michelangelo had to scrape, clean, and decree the walls of paintings from masters before him per the Pope 's request along with the process of bringing his friends both contributed to the time and efforts put forth for memorializing the Pope 's uncle, Sixtus. Michelangelo had brought in friends

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