Hooked By An Octopus By Mike Degruy: Film Analysis

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In the TED Talk “Hooked by an Octopus” by Mike DeGruy talks about his experiences as an ocean cinematographer. Mike explains how his first experience with an octopus was at age five or six and was immediately amazed by it. He said that it was very scared at first trying to get away and escape from his hands but after a few moments it settled down and started flashing all sorts of colors. He then brought the octopus back to the ground to let it go and once the octopus hit the sand it just vanished. Mike explains how it was unlike he has ever seen before and that was the moment he became hooked. Later in his life he became an American documentary filmmaker specialising in underwater cinematography. Mike DeGruy was a regular on Shark Week and even a shark attack survivor. He is well known for his shark attack in april of 1978 where he got severely bitten by a grey reef shark. He was a member of many deep sea expeditions and was a part of the team that first filmed the vampire squid and the nautilus. Mike DeGruy died in a helicopter crash in Australia on February 4, 2012. A few years after his death there was a feature film documentary made about his life and work. “If you walked up to an octopus tank, especially early in the morning, and before anyone arrived, the octopus would rise up and look at you.” When…show more content…
He said “If you ever really want to get away from it all and see something that you have never seen, and have an excellent chance of seeing something no one has ever seen, get in a sub. You climb in, seal the hatch, turn on a little oxygen, turn on the scrubber, which removes the CO2 in the air you breathe, and they chuck you overboard.”. To me this sounds like an unbelievable experience to just be able to go into almost a whole new world. I would love to be able to see all the different creatures that are living on the same planet as us, yet we know almost nothing about
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