Analysis Of Mildred's Actions In Fahrenheit 451

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are here today to discuss the actions of Mildred turning in her husband for his twenty plus amount of hidden books. In Fahrenheit 451, Mildred’s actions are not justified because Montag provided a safe life for her and marriage vows state to stand by your significant other through thick and thin. On the other hand, Mildred was raised in a society that did not educate her in what was right or wrong. She did not want to get in trouble, risking the loss of her “family” who she favored over her husband, Montag. Also Mildred’s actions were justified because, Montag was breaking the law, and even though he’s her husband, she did what she thought was right in hope to not lose everything they had. In society, you follow the rules, like you always have been and how you grew up. Mildred was the kind of person who always follows rules of society, especially when the rules come into play with her “family.” Since Montag was breaking the rules, Mildred had to do something so that she wouldn’t have gotten in trouble too. Mildred and Guy Montag could have soon got caught with Guy’s hidden books. The Hound was always after him, and later on would have possibly found him. She would have to suffer the consequences along with Montag. Like, watching the burning of her house and all her “family” burn. Also, Montag would have faced getting fired from his job and he would have gone to jail. They both would have soon got caught, Mildred would rather lose her husband, over
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