Analysis Of Miss Representation

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Introduction The documentary, Miss Representation was written, directed and produced by Jennifer Siebel Newsom. Miss Representation highlights how the media and our culture objectify and belittle women and girls in society. The documentary begins with Newsom’s childhood story and the life and future, she wants for her daughter. The media is used as the main source of information. The documentary went back in history to show how the reality of the past has shaped the lives of women today, without even realizing it. Media plays a huge role in portraying women and how they should look, dress, act, and what jobs they should hold. Therefore, through media, women are seen as doing the household chores and taking care of the children while the men…show more content…
Women are more likely to fight against the men or against other women because they want to identify with what the other deny them (Melucci, 1996). In other words, women and girls are more likely to continue to fight and pursue jobs of power in order to be identified as powerful, accomplished, strong women, which is what they are denied by other people. However, in order for that to happen we need to be recognized by others in order to confirm and determine who we are. Along with identity, collective identity is another tactic used in the film. Seen in the documentary there is a collective interest of feminists to prevent the objectification of women. Although the collective interest is among those affect it can also include the eternal audience. Within the film they showed how the media is what influences men’s actions and idea about what women should look like. Since this film extends to the external audience, which are the men, they too can be recruited into the movement to share the same common interest and goals of feminist to ensure that objectification of females is prevented (Taylor et al., 2004). One communal interest or goal the group may have is helping spread awareness that the representation of women in the media is…show more content…
Women should not be belittled or objectified just because they are females. In fact women are strong, brilliant, and accomplished individuals who deserve to be in positions of power. Our appearance should not dictate our capabilities. Therefore, if we are able to create more awareness through campaigns and education we will be able to reduce the sexism and discrimination toward women and create an actual democratic society not where the majority is men. If we are able to frame this issue in a way that resonates with others then we will be able to recruit more individuals and create a social movement powerful enough to stop or at least minimize the dehumanization of women. In some cases people are just not aware of how the media plays such a huge role in shaping our society and they just need to be pushed in the right direct to realize the truth. The media is a source that is used to blind people from reality. Therefore, women and girls cannot wait for role models they need to be the role
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