Analysis Of Mitch Albom's For One More Day

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Have you ever thought of how people respond towards life-changing events? Events that gave such a gargantuan impact towards someone that changed him/her completely? The interesting fact is each and everyone has different response towards these events; some might react positively towards a negative event, while some might react negatively towards a positive event. The best exemplary to showcase this issue is Charley Benetto, the main character in Mitch Albom’s For One More Day. Charley Benetto was a man from a broken family. His father left him unannounced out of parental divorce and let his family suffer with his absence. Growing up with a father that sells aclohol for a living caused him to inhibit drinking habits, which partially became a reason of his seperation between his own wife and daughter. Things got worse when he received news about his uninvited daughter’s wedding through the phone. Furious, Charley went on a drunken rampage and drove recklessly. Consequently, he was involved in a car accident and fleed to his old hometown, where he met his ‘dead’ mother for one more day. Little did he realize he was trapped in a realm of the dead, where most of the deceased and the near-death gathered before being sent to another place. During his meeting with his mother, he faced tons of revelations of his sacred past and learnt from the things he could not perceive by his own. In this moment, Charley was able to change from the negligence, the guilt, the
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