Life Lessons In Mitch Albom's Tuesdays With Morrie

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“If nothing had ever came in my path that tugged at my heart - I probably would have just pursued my own personal interests,” states Mitch Albom. In his novel, “Tuesdays with Morrie,” Mitch Albom shows the growth of his self-knowledge as he learns valuable life lessons from his former university professor. Throughout the story, Mitch undergoes a transformation where he feels regret and learns to forgive himself. Mitch’s commitment to work, causes him to not visit Morrie for sixteen years which Mitch later regrets. Furthermore, Mitch’s obsession with making money as well as work causes him to forget to spend time with his family; particularly his wife, Janine. Mitch does not appreciate his wife for who she is but he eventually learns to value…show more content…
At his graduation, Mitch makes a promise to Morrie to keep in touch with him. After leaving college, Mitch forgets about his promise and focuses on making money. After recognizing Morrie’s voice from an interview on tv, Mitch calls Morrie asking if he could fly to his house in Boston. For the first time in sixteen years, Mitch arrives at Morrie’s house and states, “For all the kindness and patience Morrie has shown me when I was young, I should have dropped the phone and jumped from the car, run and held him and kissed him hello (Albom 27). Mitch is guilty because he arrived at Morrie’s house while talking on the phone instead of hurrying to greet him. Mitch realizes that his obsession with work caused him to forget about Morrie. Since Mitch feels regretful for not visiting Morrie sooner, he was committed to visit him every Tuesday. A quote states, “The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche argues that guilt has its origins in a creditor and debtor concept of human relationships. It is in these types of relationships that….we must make restitution” (Blooms Literature). Just how someone who is in debt owes money, Mitch owes Morrie time for not visiting him. Although Mitch was able to forgive himself by spending more time with Morrie, he still had guilt for not spending time with his
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