Social Change And Modernity Analysis

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rnity and social change in the 20th century
Social Change and Modernity, Edited by Hans Haferkamp and Neil J. Smelser, University of California Press, Berkeley, Los Angeles, 1992
Modernity and Social Movements by Ron Eyerman, pg. 29-33
The source is an extract from an essay from a book called, Social Change and Modernity, is a compilation text and a multi-faceted sociological study on the different components of the social change in the 20th century. The book contains multiple writings from multiple contemporary social theorists on the key concepts related to the sociology social change and its relation to modernity. Each essay provides a separate analysis on the matters relating to social change in the modern era and is compared to work similar
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and through this document SDS leaders Tom Hayden and Allen Haber came up with the notion of participatory democracy a political theory that was in opposition to the representative democracy of elected representatives and dictated that individuals should be able to actively participate in their democracy and believed that it was the only way in which people could make changes in society and have actual control over state affairs.
The Port Huron statement was the articulation of the beliefs of the students who had begun the student movement and all their social concerns were mentioned, such as the conformist culture that had developed, the realities of racial discrimination and the concerns over the nuclear arms race, a rejection of the authoritarianism that had developed in America and the moral complacency in American
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It is argued that it was the philosophy of Herbert Marcuse that had influenced the new left movement. Herbert Marcuse’s analysis of industrial society, especially in his book the one-dimensional man, had largely influenced the new left by stating in an advanced industrial capitalism, there is great totalitarianism, whereby the needs and wants of individuals are elaborately constructed and manipulated through consumerism and mass media so to ensure each person maintains the status quo. This would form many of the concerns that the new left would look to
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