Analysis Of Moser-Wellman's Five Face Creativity

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Moser -Wellman’s Five- face creativity
Moser -Wellman’s five faces creativity had been applied into the dancing traffic light. Five Faces refer to Seer, Observer, Alchemist, Fool and Sage. Different face has different power of creativity. In the design of dancing traffic light, two faces seemed to be applied. Firstly, “Observer” has been used. “Observer” has the ability to notice things. Smart is successfully in notice the problem in daily life and the cause of the problem so as to develop the dancing traffic light. Secondly, the face of “Alchemist” can seemed to be used. “Alchemist” has the power to connect domain. Although dancing and traffic light is common things among people, no one have though of connecting them together before. Smart used the face of “Alchemist”, mixing traffic light with the dancing element, and create this new product.

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As this idea of combining dancing and traffic light is new and interesting, it attracts people attention. In YouTube, the official video produced by smart introducing the dancing traffic light, The Dancing Traffic Light, has over seven million viewers in one-month time. This shows that the creativity of the dancing traffic light has a great success. Personally, I appreciate the idea of the dancing traffic light. As this design not only help in increase the safety of road, but also help in promoting social happiness and

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