Analysis Of Moshin Hamid's Moth Smoke

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Moshin Hamid 's first, prize-winning novel Moth Smoke is a story of class difference, alienation, love and crime set in the present time of Lahore, where the upper class takes drugs, exploits the lower and makes money while the ordinary people sweat and die in poverty. Here he talks about the fate of Pakistan which a long year ago prophesied by a Sufi saint in front of the Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan that his two sons who love each other will be parted just because of the Emperor seat. This prophecy shows itself correct and the same condition is prevailing till now in Pakistan where the power is considered everything. Here in the novel the two very close friends also fall a victim to this power struggle. In their early childhood like Shah Jahan’s sons they also never thought about rivalry but times shows what is more important and what matters a lot. So they never thought about this brutal future in their past and become rivals.
According to Farrar Hamid 's modern-day conqueror is also named Aurangzeb, Ozi to his friends. He is one of Lahore 's joneses Dore, the son of a corrupt civil servant of unimaginable wealth, a product of private schools and foreign universities and air-conditioned, hashish-perfumed parties where bootleg Johnnie Walker Black flows like the beard of the Prophet. Ozi 's spiritual brother is an old school chum named Daru, raised almost as another son by Ozi 's father after the death of Daru 's own father. Yet "almost" is always the motive for fratricide.

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