Alpha Baldridge's Character Analysis: Mother

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Alpha Baldridge also known as mother is certainly someone to never forget and to keep your eyes on. It can be inferred from the text that mother has a pale and thin face. Mother could possibly have a small physique, since she only ate when she could. From my perspective, I would paint mother to be in her late 30’s, medium brown hair, hazel eyes, and wore dresses. The book mentions how she barely ate because she only had enough food to provide for her baby at the time. There were little physical attributes given about the mother in the novel. Mother shows off her emotional characteristics throughout Act I by being frustrated, timid, determined, strong, calm, and easy-going. The traits of mother are balanced enough to be both positive and negative…show more content…
One motive could be that she wants to achieve success by living an efficient and mediocre life. Mother does not seem like the type to want to be wealthy, but to have simple things like water, food, clothes, and shelter. The Baldridge family is struggling in life and mother cannot cope with knowing how she is living. It was a breaking point for mother especially when she saw her children look at only pepper and coffee beans on the kitchen table. Another motive of mother is wanting to determine her destiny in life by thinking of new possibilities that could occur in her life in the near future. These new possibilities will give her a sense of purpose and greater happiness if she could reach those things in life. Mother is being hold back by her own dreams and hopes, which will not get her anywhere in life if she does not change her mindset. The virtue and failings are two things that could show how strong and overall a great individual mother is besides of her shortcomings. The virtue of mother is showing kindness to her children and father despite rough times. Mother shows her kindness to her daughter Fletch and her younger son Euly by helping them around the house just like a mom should do. I feel that mother thinks she is a failure, since she is not able to provide a regular life for her children. It will cause her
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