Analysis Of Mr. Simon Gittany's Case

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1) In response to the question about type of homicide discussed in the case study provided for review, it can be termed as a kind of murder where Mr. Simon Gittany has been charged or found responsible for the murder of his engaged and to- be wife, Lisa Cecilia Harnum. This can also be termed as a second order or second degree homicide/ murder as Mr. Simon Gittany was accused to plan Harnum’s death and he did not let anybody know about it. In short, Gittany was found guilty or responsible for a criminal event that took place at the home where both lived in 2011, Sydney (NSW, 2015).
2) Another question was related to the characteristics of offender. The question asked to analyze what characteristics does the offender had; whether offender had any criminal background, family history of crime, ethnicity, age, gender
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Simon Gittany was not found with any such kind of criminal history in the initial days of investigation; however, with the passage of time and further investigations, it was found that Mr. Simon Gittany had a criminal background (Themezee, 2014). With respect to criminal background of Mr. Simon Gittany, it was found that he has harassed one of his ex- girl- friend (Oriti, 2013). Due to this reason, when he was asked to stop harassment, Gittany returned with a group of 12 men to beat the person who asked him to back off. Other than this, it has also been noted that Mr. Simon Gittany was involved in some drug activities. Mr. Simon Gittany has also been charged for the assault of two detectives (Oriti, 2013). From these facts, it can be understood clearly that Gittany might have had a psychiatric issue due to which he was not able to control his frustration and anger, and easily becomes outrageous (Oriti,

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