Analysis Of Mr. Turner's The Learning Of Love: Servant Leadership

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True leadership Recently I had the opportunity to listen to two keynote speakers during the Chattahoochee Valley Community College (CVCC) professional development fall kickoff. Both speakers have a vision shaped by love and the desire to serve the needs of others. I was touched by both of them. They are William Bradley Turner, Chairman of the Pastoral Institute, and Kelvin Redd, Associate Director of the Center for Servant Leadership at the Pastoral institute. Mr. Turner is a well-known business, civic and philanthropic leader in the Valley and the Nation. As a leader, he has a divine spirit and a relentless desire to serve his employees with love, respect and humility. All his companies were developed to enhance the lives of his employees. He told the CVCC family that the best gift one can give to someone is love, and when we serve the needs of others, we make them have a need for us. His memoir “The Learning of Love: A Journey Toward Servant Leadership,” is a must read for every individual who finds himself/herself in a leadership position.…show more content…
The title of his presentation was “Servant Leadership: The World’s Greatest Leadership Philosophy.” He defined servant leadership as a lifelong journey that includes the discovery of one’s self, a desire to serve others and a commitment to lead. A servant leader, he emphasized, is someone who continuously strives to be trustworthy, self-aware, humble, caring, visionary, empowering, emphatic, competent, good steward and community
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