Analysis Of Mrs. Flowers By Maya Angelou

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Marguerite went through a terrible time in her life so detrimental to her that she didn 't talk, Not a single word. As marguerite grew and got older she lived that way without any words, regardless of who tried to help her. Although Marguerite was remarkably intelligent and a notably nice girl she chooses to block the world out instead because it was easier. Maya Angelou better known as Marguerite in the short story “Mrs.Flowers” has been through a traumatic assault in her young age. Marguerite has shut many people out, until she has a discussion with Mrs.Flowers who shows her that shutting people out is not how you handle situations you do not want or know how to deal with. Showing Marguerite “ The measure of what a human being can be.”(20) Through Marguerite’s lessons of living taught by Mrs.Flowers. During the story of “ Mrs.Flowers” Marguerite was asked to help Mr.Flowers’ carry Mrs.Flowers goods too her house, when they got to Mrs.Flowers home she wanted to have a chat with Marguerite. While talking Mrs.Flowers says to Marguerite”She said that I must always be intolerant of ignorance, but understanding of illiteracy.’(23) This simple quote revels many different attributes about Mr.Flowers such as her wisdom and maturity. This being said, it takes wisdom to be able to help someone who has been through something in their life such as assault on this level of seriousness. As you can see from further in the story Mrs.Flowers has this Wisdom needed to handle the
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