Analysis Of Mrs. Sen By Jhumpa Lahiri

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Lahiri talked about another one story like Miranda’s, about Miranda’s friend Lakshmi’s cousin, a Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit. Her husband fell in love with foreign woman while at the time of his journey on a plane from Delhi to Montreal. Instead of coming to his home with his wife and son, he went to Heathrow airport with the English woman who was of his age. Then, he informed to his wife over the phone that he had fall in love with the young English woman. So, Lakshmi’s cousin Dixit suffered a lot for that bad incident. Often, the westerners do like that. Dixit represents the typical Indian woman because, she thought like as a suffering Indian woman that she willing to forgive her husband for her son. But Lakshmi told Miranda furiously, “If i were her I’d fly straight to London and shoot them both.” (97).
Jhumpa Lahiri explains the pain of the immigrants in all her stories. But in her one of the collection, Mrs. Sen is obviously dealt with the pain of cultural alienation and nostalgic feeling of the migrated people in a foreign land, throughout the character Mrs. Sen. She is the protagonist of the story, mistress of the University professor, a thirty year old home maker. She migrated from Calcutta to Boston with her husband mistress who teaches in the University of Boston. This not only the changes of location but also facing the problem of traditional and cultural conflict where they were migrated as well as they injured by socially and psychologically causing a

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