The Hashtag # Metoo Film Analysis

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(1) It all started when dozens of women from the film industry accused the American film producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. Senior actresses and models started publicly accusing powerful men like Weinstein for taking advantage of them in their starting years in the industry. Increasingly women globally started coming forward to share their story for instance on social medias. The hashtag #MeToo is a worldwide trend that aims at bringing awareness to the extent of sexual har-assment, but also to emphasize with the victims. There are different assumptions on why people get sexually harassed. According to Jenny Deam in the first text these incidents occur all the time and are a part of the culture of hierarchy in the indus-try. The most powerful men in the hierarchy are given free rein to do whatever they want to anyone who is below their positions because they are not going to be held responsible for their actions. Mayim Bialik, who is a senior actress is also an adherent of this point of view. In text two, she says that women, especially the young and beautiful ones, are objectified by powerful men who use their positions to take advantage of their power. She believes that this is not only a problem in the indus-try, but a cultural problem in our society that praises…show more content…
Amongst all the allegations some of them turned out to be false and because of that some people believe that it as created an even bigger misogyny than before the campaign. The campaign was a side effect of years of silence and with the aim to bring awareness. It ended up being a worldwide discussion about whether the #MeToo movement is going to help the situation or just make it even worse. In conclusion, one thing that is for sure is that this campaign has opened doors to an open-minded discussion about topics that need to be discussed, and maybe this is exactly what is needed right
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